Hello! My name is Rein van harn, and this is my portfolio website.

As you can probably tell just from looking at my website, i love pixel art! at the same time i am also quite good at making simple, flat yet interesting designs!

I am also very good at learning new things, i had zero experience with HTML and Javascript less then a month ago for instance!

But with all positive comes a bit of negative, i put a lot of time and effort into what i make, but this does generally make it take longer to finish the product.

My favorite part about making websites is fixing long term problems after I finally figure it out, satisfaction guaranteed! Ever since i was little, i drew stuff. Good or bad, what matters now is that i am a skilled pixel artist and as i like to say: The Go-to person if it comes to retro-themed sites with a smooth flow



Artwork and images



An animated background seen in Super Splatoon Maker. it was even parallax, not that it can be seen here however.

as a 4 year old kid, i found myself playing Lego Star wars on the original Xbox all the time, recently i have decided to recreate a picture of myself like the other characters in that game.

every once in a while, i just come up with a game concept. this is one of those! i have yet to start working on this project though.

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